Train Concept

Another quick internal experiment at bliink, Looking at the treatment of CGI renders and integrating them with 2D elements. It was great to see the result of what you can do with a very simple CGI model and then manipulate the render to create this graphic style.

Gain Heath

Here is an animation I worked heavily on at Bliink, expressing the importance of this charity.

Dot Animation at bliink TV

At bliink TV in Brighton each member of the company was asked to come up with a short animation based on the 'Dot' at the end of the bliink logo. Here is what I came up with... my little tribute to Brighton and the view from the studio window! Was great to blend traditional animation with CGI.... Enjoy!

International Jazz Day

Bliink's latest is a PSA, Promo and TV spot for International Jazz Day. A combination of super slow motion, time lapse and standard speed footage augmented with 3D and 2D logo elements and featuring Herbie Hancocks' famous music 'Cantaloupe Island'.

Building a Better World

Spearheading the launch for the International Year of Cooperatives 2012 (IYC) We created this hybrid mix of 3D,2D and footage for The International Labour Organization (ILO). Using the cube from the IYC logo we made a 3D world consisting of city, town and village environments all made from cubes. Even the cows are cuboid!

Bliink Ident

My First Cg animation

Book of Love

'Book of Love' is a short animation I did for my Cousin's
Wedding. I started with only 6 crayon drawings and
animated from that. It went down very well and
congratulations to the very happy couple.
...--Crayon and After Effects--...


Finally online!!! This is 'Broken Wave' my graduation
film I directed in my final year at the 'Arts University
College of Bournemouth.' Directing a team of 8 was hard
as this was my first time of leading a group, however it
seemed to go very well and festivals seem to like it! :)
...--Watercolour, Stopmotion Pro, Traditional Drawn
Animation, ToonBOOM, Photoshop and After Effects--...